Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quilting Queue - Putting 2013 To Bed!

2013 was the most productive year yet in regards to FINISHED quilting projects!  The catalyst behind these amazing TWENTY finished projects was this awesome table my husband made me for Christmas 2012.  This gave me the dedicated space to 'start-do-finish' anything I set my mind to.  Over the year my studio has also added a dedicated cutting table and 2 1/2x6 foot ironing table, both on bed risers so I'm not hunched over my work.  Life is so good...

Now, that doesn't mean everything I started, I finished. There is a canine character in the movie 'Up' that keeps getting distracted - even in mid-sentence - by a squirrel sighting. I've begun calling my unplanned quilt projects 'squirrels' because they interrupted many other projects mid-stitch.

Some of these you've seen in previous blogs, so I won't go into detail on them.  Some of these are quite large - others are quite small.  The key here is THEY ARE FINISHED!  

My first finish was the Block of the Month (BOM) I did online through taught by Amy Gibson.

The back was inspired by another class, 'Creative Quilt Backs'.

Finish number two - General's Wives BOM from Keepsake Quilting.  Machine pieced and hand quilted for my husband.  (It's hanging sideways - doh!)

Number three - I Spy for my niece Allison, modeled by Miss Polly.

Number four - I made this top ages ago but had never quilted it.  DONE!

Number five - my name badge for my quilt guild.

Number six was my first squirrel.  Retro Rubies, front and back. Read more about this project in my May-June blogpost.

Number seven - a test drive of the I Spy I wanted to make my Granddaughter.  Cells were too small for what I wanted...

Number eight - Penny's I Spy quilt finished.

Number nine - Meowing in the Rain.  
You can read about this creative process in a previous post.

Number ten. Another squirrel.  
Saw the fabric and pattern at my favorite quilt shop, The Crazy Cousin, and had to make it!

 Number eleven - This top was almost completed years ago.
Finished it up, bound, quilted DONE!  Used a bunch of scraps for the back.

Number twelve.  This is Caesar.  He will get his own blog post soon.  
When you read more about him you will be in love with him.  I am!

Number 13. Went to a Quilt Expo here in town and took every class I could squeeze into a two and half day period.  This is called 'Flower Seeds'.

Number 14. My first zippered pouch, also from a class I took at the Expo.

Number 15. Also from the Expo - Penny's Christmas present.

Number 16. A mug rug. Materials from a goodie bag I got at a Quilt-in.

Number 17.  Mug rug front and back I made for a family ornament swap.  My husband's cousin Amber received this. Her parents have a Christmas tree farm, so I made this in honor of Bakersfield Tree Farm.

Number 18. This one is out of order. I made this iPad rug in October for my office out of a bunch of scraps I discovered when I was making the window pane squirrel above.

Number 19. Another squirrel. I couldn't resist....

Which then inspired number 20.  I used the rest of the colors to make this long wall/door hanging for my mom.

On both of these I used primary variegated thread.  I put a light colored backing on mom's so we can see the quilting.  Fun from the front and the back!!!

I've made my UFO list for 2014 and have actually FINISHED one already!  You can track my progress on my Flickr page at: