Saturday, October 19, 2013

CSA July 10, 17 and 24

July 10

1 dozen eggs
2 large bags of tomatoes
14 ears of corn
2 quarts of peaches
3 pounds of string beans
1 1/2 pound bag red potatoes
1 1/2 pound bag of yukon gold potatoes
2 egg plants
1 bag sweet peppers

I was out of town when this share arrived.  My kids shared a few things they made with the items:  

Toad in the Holes with sliced tomato from Adrienne and 

Skillet Surprise from Anne Marie

July 17

1/2 dozen eggs

2 large bags of tomatoes
14 ears of corn
2 bulbs of garlic
2 quarts of peaches
4 green peppers

 A yummy marinated corn salad

More eggs and tomatoes, one of my favorite combinations!

The kimchi I made in June was ready to eat - 
a little on the salty side but it didn't slow anyone down!

This was the summer for peaches - and they were soooo good!
My favorite breakfast was plain or vanilla greek yogurt with a sliced peach.

July 24

1/2 dozen eggs

1 quart of okra
1 eggplant
1 pepper
2 watermelons
1 heirloom cantaloupe
3 quarts of peaches
4 pints of grape tomatoes
1 bushel of corn
2 containers of berries
1 bag of italian peppers

Okra was not anything I'd ever eaten before. All I'd ever heard was a critical 
 'Ew yuck - those are so slimey!'
So what does one do with a potentially unpalatable food item?
We all loved it!  I was recently told I should skewer them, then throw them on the grill with my favorite treatment: olive oil/salt/pepper.  Next year...

And these melons?  Amazing!

This is as far as my summer CSA attention span lasted.  I became a Grandma on the 21st  of July and my motivation for many things dropped out of sight.  Oh - we ate! We continued to try new recipes! But the stamina to maintain the blog was not a priority.  

I did sign up for Snead's CSA again next year. We'll see if I am interested in throwing out my grain of salt...

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