Monday, June 10, 2013

CSA June 5

1 pint of sugar snap peas
2 quarts of strawberries
1/2 dozen eggs
10 pints snow peas
4 pounds of zucchini
4 pounds of yellow squash
1 bunch of radishes
4 cucumbers
4 white turnips

This week we've been munching on the peas and cucumbers, and sauteing the squash in olive oil, onion, salt and pepper (our favorite!).  We can tell we're getting close to the end of strawberry season as these were a bit seedier than the last batch (but it didn't slow us down from eating them!)  I've been incorporating the turnips into our mashed potatoes which have given them a nice texture.

But TEN pints of snow peas?  That's a lot of stir fry, and that's all I've ever done with them!  Last year I blanched them and froze them and felt they were a little slimy when I was ready to use them.

This year I just washed and stringed them and measured them into two cup portions and put them in the freezer.  Shared a couple pints with the girls. I have plenty left.  Looking forward to seeing how they fare in the near future!

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