Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CSA June 12

I had to take a picture of the raspberries right off the bat, because for some reason they don't make it past the light at Rt. 2...

Big goings-on at our house this week.  Company coming in from RI, CT and AZ to celebrate Adrienne's new baby due on July 18.  With all these people coming in I put our CSA to good use!  Mike grilled up some boneless/skinless thighs marinated in adobo seasoning and I put together a veggie smorgasbord:

I sauteed the green beans and some onion in some bacon grease.  
Enough said.

I grilled the squash and fennel with olive oil, salt and pepper and served as is.

The potatoes all got put int a marvelous potato salad with a dill dressing.  The link is here: creamy-dijon-dill-potato-salad

 I picked up some little mozzerella balls and some cherry tomatoes to use some of the basil in a caprese.  The Swiss chard got sauteed and put out, and the peas were in a dish with celery for a crunchy side.  I didn't get pictures of these dishes.

The most important guest at the table commented that everything was delicious!  

(I won't say who that VIP was!)

Once the hooplah died down and the guest bedrooms were empty, I tackled that big head of Chinese cabbage and turned it intoooo....?  KIMCHI!  

I hope.
It has been pickling/fermenting and we will eat it sometime this next week!

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