Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quilting Queue for April

The sewing machine gathered a bit of dust in April. Nique's move to CT (see last post) wiped me out emotionally and I was powerless to choose fabric, follow a pattern, thread a needle. I spoke to my mom, who is my biggest champion and creative mentor (Happy Mothers' Day Mom!!!) about my total lack of creative energy and she advised to not even try to make anything. She says when she gets this dry, anything she does (she is a painter) she is unhappy and frustrated with.  It's not worth 'working through it' if you're going to end up throwing it out.  So with less guilt, I tabled all the projects queued up for April.

The only thing I did at my table was a little sketching. And I mean A LITTLE.  My mom and my twin daughters, Anne Marie and Dominique are my gifted sketchers.  But I had two projects that do NOT have a pattern and I needed to design something. One of which was due at the April 21 FXBMQG meeting - I had to make a name tag.  So true to my typical style, the night before the meeting I took my sketches and went through my scrap pile and came up with this: 

The inspiration for my name tag is the name of my blog - a Grain of Salt.  I also HAD to include Polly, my cat, somehow as she is such a big help, sitting on my fabric so it doesn't blow away. I used leftover wool from the Sue Spargo Birdies to make Polly.  I used the Cuzco fabrics that I'm using on the Lucky Stars BOM on the rest of the name tag, I love these happy prints!

Look! You can even see the 'grains of salt'!

I put grommets in the corners and added a chain and voila!


That is it for April. Seriously.