Sunday, May 12, 2013

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - May 1

Last year I bit the $$ bullet and bought a share in Snead's Farm CSA program and was NOT disappointed! Although the initial investment was a little jarring, as the summer progressed we looked forward every week to our goodie basket(s).  I really wanted to share our CSA cooking adventures, (experiences we likened to the cooking show 'Chopped'!) but I didn't know anyone else who had signed up and could share their adventures with me.

That is the original purpose of my blog.  Secondary was my quilting adventures. I'm sure you can see the quilting has taken priority, but only because the CSA occurs during the summer months. Tertiary purpose of my blog is to share other life events and reflections - which you can take with 
a Grain of Salt.

On May 1, 2013, this was our share:

2 bunches Swiss chard, 5 pounds asparagus, 2 bunches spring onions, 5 pounds sweet potatoes, 2 bunches radishes and a dozen eggs

I remember last year I wasn't sure what to do with the onions and I think they went bad pretty quickly, so that night I cleaned them up, halved the bigger ones, and Mike grilled them along with a large handful of asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper to accompany our boneless pork chops.

The next night I julienned the radishes, which were yummy - just a little heat and really crisp. I tossed them with some shredded carrots (that I usually have on hand to throw in salads/stir fries/soups) and a dash of Italian dressing to make a 'slaw'.

I sauteed one of the bunches of Swiss chard with some chopped garlic and a little olive oil. Mike grilled another handful of asparagus along with a steak, and we have dinner number two!

The last bunch of Swiss chard I used to make the Swiss Chard Sausage Lasagna, a recipe that was in the newspaper last year.  EXCEPT I couldn't find it! So I had to go on memory (ha!) and punt. It turned out fine - it is pretty hard to mess up a lasagna.  I didn't get a picture of it, but trust me, it was great.  My household size is dwindling, so there was still half left which I froze for another day.  The eggs were eaten at breakfast over the weekend. The sweet potatoes have a longer shelf life, so I'm not worried about getting them used up.  I did mash about a third of them with butter/salt/pepper as a side with a roasted chicken and steamed the rest of the asparagus.  I gifted a third of the sweet potatoes and a large handful of asparagus to my daughter Anne Marie.

I'd love to know what you do with any of these veggies - especially Swiss chard and asparagus. Please post!!!

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